Lake Constance Foundation

Bodensee Stiftung

The Lake Constance Foundation (Bodensee Stiftung) is a project-oriented, non-governmental organization for nature conservation. It works towards sustainable economy in the international Lake Constance area and beyond. Current projects of the Lake Constance Foundation are:

  • Sustainable Municipal Management
  • Environmentally Fair Agriculture
  • Re-naturalization of Riparian Forests
  • Bioenergy and Regional Climate Protection
  • Economy and Biodiversity

Within the COMBINE project, the Lake Constance Foundation will disseminate knowledge of the IFBB technology in the Lake Constance Region. It will explore the requirements for a promising application of the IFBB appoach in the region and develop an implementation plan adapted to the local needs.

Its staff will bring the knowledge regarding the nature conservation (Living Lakes), renewable energy and regional development (Bioenergieregion Bodensee). Since years it  closely co-operates with regional farmers. This will help to increase the acceptance of new, green technologies.
Its relationship to the policy on state level will strengthen the implementation of COMBINE in the Lake Constance region.

Contact Person: Volker Kromrey