In this area you get access to three information channels of our community.

  1.  The COMBINE Video about the large scale plant in Baden-Baden. It was taken in the final phase of the project and presents a the whole large scale plant in its full functionality as an "extended" sewage water plant which turns into a full biomass plant. With the help of an "Integrated Biomass Concept" all the biomasses are converted into energy or cleared streams. The IFBB concept is the central innovative technology to turn waste into energy.
  2. The Virtual Exhibition: As the demonstrator "Blue Conrad" finalised its last tour in Belgium we created this exhibition to bring about all aspects of the approach (and not only the technical but also the economic, social and "historic" aspects). Connected to it are also parts of the PROGRASS-stories - a docu-arts project that we carried out in 2014/2015 to present the project and our network with personal and beautiful landscape portraits.
  3. The access to our PROGRASS hub, which works as incubator for new ideas. From there you have access to the (growing) e-learning space. As community member you may join and set up pages and groups and also organise your own portfolio.