University of Kassel

Uni Kassel, Department of Grassland Science and Renewable Plant Resources

The Department of Grassland Science and Renewable Plant Resources (GNR) is a research and teaching unit within the Faculty of Organic Agricultural Science at the University of Kassel. For many years it concentrated on various aspects of the most important energetic conversion techniques of agricultural biomass, i.e. anaerobic digestion and combustion. GNR publishes in international, highly-ranked scientific journals and frequently presents its results on many national and international conferences.

For the goals of COMBINE GNR is an essential partner with a unique profile, as it developed the scientific basis of the IFBB process for the production of high-quality biofuels of highly-lignified biomasses from agriculture and landscape management and provides the necessary knowledge on all technical and environmental aspects of the concept.

GNR also has an adequate methodological know-how to conduct the necessary investigations within COMBINE. GNR as owner of the mobile IFBB device will provide the demonstration plant with trained personnel. GNR co-ordinated the trans-disciplinary European project PROGRASS, which aimed at the initial development of an IFBB prototype and its investigation and demonstration. GNR will bring in all experience gained in this project and provides an extended network of relevant stakeholders in the arena of COMBINE. It intensively co-operates with the Waste Management unit of the Uni Kassel, which will run small-scale combustion tests in its laboratories. This unit has the necessary experience with the combustion of IFBB fuels and is capable to conduct these tests efficiently.

Contact person: Prof. Dr. Michael Wachendorf