COMBINE builds on a multi-stakeholder partnership consisting of bio-energy producers, scientific institutes, counselling agencies and public entities, from different levels and NWE member states. Some partners bring in experiences from several domains, therefore take over different roles in the project and thus serve as connectors between the different areas.

Group 1: The feed-stock owners are the county administrations VB, Baden-Baden, CG22, and National Trust.

Group 2: Two Universities  and scientific institutes  will carry out necessary analyses and coordinate the exploration activities  as owner of the mobile IFBB device and  the sedentary plant.

Group 3: Four counselling agencies and one social development agency will connect bio-energy producers, scientific experts, regional public bodies and municipalities, consumers and clients and provide the necessary counselling, information and capacity-building services.


  1. A Project Steering Committee consisting of representatives of all partners, and serviced by a Project Management Team based at the Lead Partner, will cooperate through regular six monthly workshops, geographically rotating through the locations of the partners.
  2. A Joint Working Group for each of the Work Packages, each supported by a Work Package Facilitator, will likewise cooperate through regular 6-monthly workshops, held simultaneously with Project Steering Committee meetings.
  3.  Action Delivery Teams which will meet as necessary and will also report at 6-monthly intervals to their Joint Working Groups.