Partner 12: Conseil Général des Cotes d'Armor


The departement of Côtes d’Armor is an administrative division of Brittany. The Côtes d’Armor County Council is responsible for road management, and has technical teams dedicated to road maintenance. It employs 2392 agents in total, approximately 500 agents are concerned by road management.

The County Council is also in charge of managing natural areas, through a special tax on new buildings, and develop hiking and cycling paths. Since 2006, they manage a 120km cycling path with grass cuttings exportation in order to increase biodiversity on the path's sides and to lower the frequency of mowing.

As they are directly involved in the management of roads, they are particularly motivated to find an outlet to the grass, which is currently considered as waste. The technical teams will implement full scale harvest operations and the nature engineers will monitor the impact on biodiversity.

As a local authority, CG22 has important communication means (communication department, monthly newspaper, street billboards, organisation of conferences) which will be put to use for the project’s communication  and to foster the regional capacity building.

In COMBINE, the main focus would of CG22 will be on road sides products. This refers to collection and logistics costs and it will carry out different experiments to lower these costs. The technical teams will implement directly those experiments. The grass exportation on the cycling path would be continued and widened, and the effects closely monitored. The impact assessment will be monitored at the scale of County Council. 

CG22 will carry out an investment in the construction of a specific harvester for roadside verges that is a complementary investment to those of the other regions .


Contact person: LE BARS Valerie