Partner 5: Asiantaeth Ynni Severn Wye Energy Agency


Severn Wye Energy Agency Limited (SWEA) is a SAVE energy agency, working in Wales and South West England. It was established as an independent not-for-profit company in 1999, and is a registered charity, with an excellent record for high quality project and financial management. SWEA promotes sustainable energy and affordable warmth through partnership, awareness-raising, innovation and strategic action, working across the domestic, community, business and public sectors.

SWEA has developed a wide portfolio of activities in energy efficiency, renewable energy and sustainable transport.

The company and the very experienced and knowledgeable individuals within it will concentrate on the networking and dissemination activities as well as the report writing and research. The team in Wales is, for instance coordinating the €1.6mio., 15 partner IEE project “Biomethane Regions” and the predecessor project, Biogas Regions.

The Wales office of SWEA includes staff with a background of university research into biomass fuel sources and another with many years of local government service in Wales (including a period seconded part-time to the Welsh Government to help write renewable energy policy).

The Agency is delivering several contracts for the Welsh Government that specifically include working with communities – encouraging the development of renewable energy and other carbon saving initiatives.

Severn Wye Energy Agency will coordinate the COMBINE activity in Wales and will be the main point of contact between the international partners and the Welsh partners and between the project and interested parties and government departments in Wales/UK.

It will play a leading part in the capacity building  and actively approach new Welsh regions to join COMBINE.

Contact person: Andrew Bull