Partner 10: Pro Natura vzw


Pro Natura will perform socio-economic analysis with special emphasis on job creation opportunities for low-skilled labour and on the organisation of the supply (logistics and transport) and handling of biomass - in particular mixed (woody & non-woody) green waste - to IFBB units . Pro Natura will organise dissemination activities aimed at organizations which perform landscape maintenance services, on the topic of economic development through decentralized energy production from landscape management residues in rural areas (new sources of income for local cooperatives, etc). Pro Natura has extensive experience in the performance of ecological services through social economy, and is very active on topics concerning the ecological management of roadsides and other grass lots, and the sustainable processing of landscape management residues. It has extensive contacts with local municipalities. Pro Natura’s operations contains a study cell, with staff backgrounds in landscape management as well as environmental science and bioenergy. A communication expert is also part of staff. ProNatura is the lead partner for the social aspects of COMBINE. It will transfer its experiences with inclusion of disadvantaged (e.g. unemployed) citizens to the other project regions and thus contribute to an important part of the regional capacity building.

Contact person: Tom Depuydt