Final COMBINE conference in September 2015

Converting Organic Matters from European urban and natural areas into storable bio-Energy

On September 9th  the final conference of the COMBINE project took place in Wilmslow, Cheshire, UK.


Moderation: Rachel Smith

Presentations are available as pdf-files

Welcoming and Introduction to the Combine project - Dr. Michael Wachendorf, University of Kassel

Integrated Generation of Solid Fuel and Biogas from Biomass - News from COMBINE -  Dr. Frank Hensgen, University of Kassel

Introduction of IFBB to Poland - Prof. Dr. Piotr Golinski

Opportunities for deploying IFBB in different modes in Wales - Colin Keyse, Cwm

Economics of IFBB – a case study in mid Wales - Dr. Frank Hensgen, University of Kassel and Andy Bull, Severn Wye Energy Agency

Mowing Roadside Verges for Anaerobic Digestion - French Trials (Brittany)- Aurélie Leplus, Association d'Initiatives Locales pour l'Energie (AILE)

Ditch, Hedge and Roadside Verge Maintenance – An overview of Herder - John
Geelhoed, Mastenbroek

Using IFBB as a Biomass upgrading tool: dealing with a problem feedstock - Colin Keyse, Cwm Harry

Green Transport Corridors - Clare Warburton, Natural England

Conservation Biomass for Bioenergy - Sally Mills, RSPB

Question and Answer session

Closing remarks - Dr. Michael Wachendorf, University of Kassel