Bioenergy for Green Regions in Europe

PROGRASS Week - Bioenergy for Green Regions in Europe

Audience at the conference.
conference audience

PROGRASS Week - Bioenergy for Green Regions in Europe

From October, 7th, to October, 9th, the PROGRASS week took place in Karlsruhe and Radolfzell (Lake Constance, Germany). Approximately 100 experts from various European countries discussed the the current state and future prospects of bioenergy production in Europe, its impact on biodiversity, the social development of rural regions, and created a network to further promote the utilization of biomass from grasslands for bioenergy production.

The first day was organized by the European INTERREG project DanubEnergy, whereas the second and third days were arranged by the project COMBINE.


Presentations at the PROGRASS week (available as pdf-files)

1. Day

Michael Wachendorf (University of Kassel, Germany): The Prograss approach: history and introduction. (not available)

Frank Hensgen (University of Kassel, Germany): Concept of the IFBB-process - Integrated generation of solid Fuel and Biogas from Biomass. (not available)

Lutz Bühle (University of Kassel, Germany): Results from combustion tests and energy balances.

Bernhard Schneider (Project coordinator DanubEnergy, EAR, Austria): Potential of PROGRASS and IFBB in riparian areas.

Piotr Golinski et al. (Poznan University of Life Sciences): Implementation of PROGRASS and IFBB in Poland.

Excursion to the large-scale IFBB plant of the Umweltbetrieb Baden-Baden: Short overview of the Baden-Baden plant.


2. Day

John Corton (AMW Ltd, Wales, UK): Optimising Outputs: Integrating a slow pyrolysis unit to IFBB.

Meike Piepenschneider (University of Kassel, Germany): New input sources: Utilisation of urban biomasses - Specific problems with heavy metals in urban biomass.

Colin Keyse (Cwm Harry, Wales, UK): New target groups and beneficiaries - Socio-economic impact of IFBB in rural areas.

Thilo Lehmann (Lehmann UMT, Germany): Technical innovations of the IFBB system: biomass washing and bio-extrusion technology.

Patrick Trötschler (Bodensee-Stiftung, Network blooming Lake
Constance, Germany): Promoting biodiversity through the PROGRASS approach.


Twitter comments on the Conference and further bioenergy issues: discussion on PROGRASSnetwork.