Study on combustion characteristics of blended regional fuels

The technical feasibility of the combustion process and the compliance with legal regulations in terms of emission thresholds are preconditions for the successful introduction of COMBINE briquettes. To reach this target, this study investigated selected fuels from the COMBINE partner regions for their combustion behaviour.
The IFBB biomasses from the Partners in Wales, Belgium and France were combusted in 9 test runs, including tests at heat-up phase, full load and partial load of the combustion unit.
Please find the summary of the study here.

Report on analysis of mass and energy fluxes

This report describes substantial (parent) materials delivered by three partners of the COMBINE project. The basic mass and energy fluxes of the different biomass types during the conversion into biofuels are presented. The knowledge about the material flows during the biomass processing is essential for the subsequent plant conception and quantification of outputs, such as solid fuel and biogas.
Please find the report here.