The Video - full scale plant

We always thought that we need an impressive video to show the merits of the IFBB technology in connection with a full scale plant.

Have a look!

In COMBINE the Baden-Baden plant has been further developed and some technical problems (e.g. sand and soil removal) and the uptake of "difficult" input materials have been tackled.

Our community will move on - with new input materials (e.g. leaves), new process chains and scales (e.g. on farm size level in Wales) and with new products that will exceed the pure energetic conversion (e.g. based on pyrolysis and further conversion of the char or fibers).

To demonstrate the high "TRL" (Technology Readiness Level) also to a broader public we produced the Baden-Baden video, which shows the development of a "normal" sewage water plant into an ecological biomass treatment plant.

Based on what we call an " Integrated Biomass Concept" it turns all delivered biomasses into energy and valuable materals and forms an important brifge technology into the circular economy.