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From the beginning the COMBINE approach considers the interests and the needs of all regional stakeholders (farmers, regional administrations, investors, non-governmental organisations, local public, etc). A comprehensive concept of information, training, counselling, and planning choices accompanies and supports the implementation of the PROGRASS technology in new, regional projects. This concept offers face-to-face seminars, printed and web-based information, guided visits to the mobile prototype or to the new full-scale plant in Baden-Baden, and further moderated development workshops.


The basic information phase (Level 1) familiarises all interested parties of the region with the prospects offered by COMBINE. Level 2 provides additional in-depth information, a first check of the economic viability for the region in question and further decision-making support. Optionally, external expertise can be ordered for a detailed feasibility study.


In Level 3 regional or transnational workshops provide the opportunity for interested potential partners to transfer the COMBINE concept to their own region, to plan investments, and to get assist in acquiring equity capital and/or additional public funding.