Prototype and Process Steps

Feeding of the silage
Hydro-thermal conditioning
Mechanical separation
Fixed bed digesters (press fluid)
Biogas burner and fixed control
Hydraulic briquette press

The University of Kassel has designed an IFBB demonstration plant. It fits into two standard containers in order to facilitate European wide transportation. This prototype includes all of the core elements of the IFBB process.

The pre-treatment of the silage is conducted by a mash water percolation system at a temperature of 40 °C.

Mechanical dewatering of the mashed silage is carried out by a screw press. The resulting press fluid can be converted to biogas by anaerobic digestion in any biogas plant.

Briquetting is done with a hydraulic briquette press with a throughput of 40-110 kg /h. Production of pellets would also be possible.

Process Steps

  • Feeding the plant with a band conveyor

  • Hydrothermal conditioning (mashing)

  • Mechanical separation by a screw press (press liquid – press cake)

  • Drying the press cake

  • Compression into briquette by a hydraulic press